The largest online selection of septic air pumps, air pump repair parts, aerator pumps, regenerative blowers and much more! Septic Solutions, Inc. carries brands including Hiblow, Cyclone, Gast Rotary Vane, Medo, Secoh, Alita, along with Gast, Fuji, and FPZ Regenerative Blowers. Visit our full online store for access to nearly 800 septic related products or give us a call toll free at 1-877-925-5132 for assistance!

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Medo Piston Air Pumps Secoh Linear Septic Air Pumps Regenerative Blower Septic Aerators offers to our customers the opportunity to purchase top quality septic air pumps that come with a full 1 year warranty. These septic air pumps sometimes called septic aerators come in a variety of different sizes and models to suit specific needs. It is very important that when replacing a failed septic air pump that you get the exact size and model that was originally designed for your septic system. Should you put to large of an air pump on your system there would be a possibility that the diffusers aren’t big enough to handle the volume of air being put out by the septic air pump. This would cause a lot of backpressure on the air pump, making it run too hot and fail prematurely. Should you put too small of an air pump on your septic system there wouldn’t be enough air entering the tank to make the aerobic bacteria grow properly. Inadequately treated sewage could clog your secondary treatment system far sooner than it should.


Different types of septic systems have different size tanks. Some are as small as 500 gallon capacity and some as large as 1300 gallon capacity with a wide variety of sizes in between. Some septic tanks are round while some are square, some are tall and some are short. Some air diffusers used are ceramic, some have plastic discs, with a multitude of other options available. When purchasing a septic air pump it is just as important to get the proper size and type of air pump as it would be to get a new set of repair diaphragms for that septic pump. The wrong diaphragms will not operate in a septic aerator they were not designed for just as the wrong air pump will not operate properly in an aerobic system they were not designed for.

The owners of Septic Solutions, Inc. have been in the aerobic industry for the past 20 years and understand it very well. We have extensive knowledge in the septic industry and will be happy to help you get the same or similar compatible replacement septic air pump or parts that your system was originally designed with. Please call us should you have any questions toll free at 1-877-925-5132 between 7:30am and 4:00pm CST Monday through Friday.

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